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Hi, I'm Kali.


I’m a coach, writer, artist, and space-holder who works to build imaginative presents & futures beyond capitalism. 

I study systems of domination, including capitalism, whiteness, and neoliberalism, and ask things like, How does that feel in your body?  What might the trees, or the creek have to say about this?  What kinds of pressure are we under and what can we actually do about it? 


I work with people as they grapple with deep questions about what life can look like under capitalism (and other systems), what we can learn from our bodies and the earth, and what stories, teachings, and practices we might need to shift our relationships + culture, and make a different kind of world.


What I'm about + what I do

I hold space for a wide variety of questions + inquiries. I especially love working with people who are asking questions about non-binary ways of moving through the world, how to live and work in meaningful ways under capitalism (whether paid, unpaid, or something else not usually considered work by systems), the ways systems of harm interrupt our connection to ourselves, each other + the earth, and ways to build the playful, joyous lives we're longing for.  If you’re interested in working with me on something and aren’t sure if it fits this list, just send me a message! I’m always happy to chat about my approach and areas of focus before we dive in to working together.

My work uses questions, stories, and somatic + intuitive practices to identify the ways systems of oppression and domination work in and on and between us, and where there might be unexpected fragilities in these systems. My practice comes from my lived experience and study: you can learn more about my connections and lineages hereI am not a licensed mental health professional, and/but I practice being systems-aware, trauma-and-attachment-informed, and consent-based in my work and life. You can find reflections from people who have worked with me here.


About me


I'm white, queer + nonbinary, and carry the stories + body-memory of european settlers and immigrants who have primarily worked with their hands, lived near water, and who in various ways chose allegiance to colonialism & white supremacy over collective care as they sought safety and security.


My mom says I've been curious about the world around me since I first opened my eyes.  I have my grandmother's laugh, and her love of trees. (And while this website might make it seem otherwise, I rarely do things alone.) 


Interested in working together?
offer free info/intro sessions over phone or zoom. You can learn more by filling out the form below (better for desktop) or sending me an email (best for mobile).

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch within a few days.

Other spaces you can find me + my work

In this workshop, we consider why we feel so much intensity around decisions, the impacts this kind of intense pressure has on us, and plot ways we might create ease, flow, and new ways of relating to the pressure to get it right all the time. 

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I write monthly emails on nonbinary approaches to binaries and double binds on substack - sign up to get access to future emails and post archives.

1:1 work

An oracle-style card deck of 54 questions that provide a sideways kind of insightful, curious guidance, and remind us that there are many ways to find what we're seeking. 

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