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Kali Boehle-Silva, queer, coach, career coach, life coach, purpose

Hi, I'm Kali.

I'm a writer and anticapitalist coach working to build a future beyond capitalism.


I support people as they grapple with questions about (anti)capitalism, purpose, and how we can live and work within oppressive systems in ways that move us towards a meaningful life, for ourselves, our loved ones & communities, and the more-than-human-world.


I'm white, queer & nonbinary, and I come from people who struggle with rootlessness, work with their hands, live near water, and love trees. 

Why Work + Purpose Coaching?

What we do with our days, and how we feel about it, touches every aspect of our lives. I approach coaching as collective care work: when we understand what kinds of work and experiences bring us alive, what we might be here to do in this lifetime, and the systems and stories that get in the way, we build stronger relationships (with ourselves, our beloveds & communities, and movements toward justice); relationships that are rooted in belonging and connection rather than extraction.

Through stories and somatic practices, I accompany people as they answer big questions, listen for the longings underneath confusion and despair, and build purposeful lives amidst systems of oppression and collapse. My work is systems-aware and consent based, and you can learn more about my lineages, both ancestral and teaching, here.

Work, purpose, relationships, anti-capitalism
Emails, coaching, job search, anticapitalist, consent

Ways to work with me

I offer sliding scale coaching for people who are changing careers or job-searching, seeking a deeper connection with their purpose, questioning capitalism, and/or are in the process of bringing purposeful, creative, or otherwise meaning-making work into the world. You can find client reflections here.


In addition to supporting people moving through transitions and specific questions about work, I offer Slow Work: monthly video or phone calls for supporters on Patreon. These are a longer-term way to notice and tend to big questions about purpose, work, and systems of domination.

You can learn more about my work on Instagram, my writing on anticapitalism and in my bi-weekly email notes.


Let's chat! (I'd love to hear from you.)

Thank you for contacting me! I'll be in touch by email soon.

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