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Anticapitalist Work + Purpose Coaching

Hi! I'm so glad you're here. As an anticapitalist work + purpose coach (aka "anticapitalist career coach"), I work with people who are longing for something deeper than their current 9-5, folks who feel like their values and desires are out of alignment or not possible in their current work situations, people with questions about what they might be here to do in this lifetime, and with artists & writers who are trying to bring creative projects into being.

I hold space for people to figure out where we get stuck, what feels possible/impossible, why that might be, and what parts of us, our lineages, and nature have wisdom that we might be overlooking. I love coaching - it’s a part of my life’s work, which is to help hold space for people to be with the hardest things, including things like major life transitions, deaths, and living on a planet in a time when our dominant economic system is collapsing. I work to help skill people up for all the things that are coming our way, individually and collectively.

Capitalism narrows our understanding of work to something that someone else pays you for - a job, a contract or gig, a product you produce. It sorts of work or jobs into a hierarchy - both in terms of compensation and in the ways we feel about it both culturally and personally.

And at the same time, many of us what we do with our time to be meaningful. What we do with our days, and how we feel about it, touches every aspect of our lives. Humans are meaning-makers, and our work is more than what capitalism decides we can get paid for. I believe that when we understand what brings us alive, we build stronger relationships, communities, and movements toward justice.

If you’re interested in learning more about my coaching, or know someone who might want to work with me (angst about your job or what the heck you should be doing with your life is a good indicator), there’s lots of ways to connect with me - I send out bi-weekly email notes, have sliding scale monthly check-ins through Patreon, and offer 1:1 coaching work for people leaving their jobs, seeking career changes, working on writing or other creative projects, or who feel stuck around work or purpose under capitalism.

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