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Reflections from people I've worked with

anticapitalist coaching

Kali holds a container in which you can be supported and listen to your inner voice and guidance with an anti-capitalist, queer-centered, gentle lens that centers finding and tuning into one's purpose in the collective. Our work helped me understand some of my beliefs around paid work and jobs - how I had internalized messages about that world that weren't character flaws or faults of my own.

- Megan

Kali creates a space where you feel held. They recognize that career searching is soul searching and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, a lot of feelings that can come up, a lot that needs to be worked through before clarity and purpose can be found. They offer insight and advice, meet you where you are, make it okay to feel what you're feeling but also challenge and push you where necessary. If you feel confused, at a loss for where to go and what to do, if you feel called to change but don't know how, Kali offers a lovely space to explore these feelings, and to develop a plan, to develop purpose.

- Alex

Kali has been my guide on a wild and winding journey. I went into the work with a very narrow expectation of focusing on my skills and my desires. Together we went deeper into an embodied space that was much more rich and meaningful. Kali's listening, their sensibility, their wonder, their knowledge, all these things make for a an experience that is so supportive and caring. Our work together transformed my life and helped me understand the depth of what was I grappling with as I sought a new vocation.

- Abe

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