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How do we imagine a different kind of future?

Sensing Collapse + Imagining Non-Linear Futures arose as a response to the question that I keep getting from my beloveds: what is happening to us + in us as we live through crisis after crisis?


Many of us are coming to terms with the reality that the rest of our lives won't be an endless progression of more of the same. That maybe different kinds of work, of focus, of learning are needed. That the ways we determine what makes a meaningful or successful life might need to change, in the face of crisis after crisis.

Systemic collapse shifts our sense of what is possible.

Systems like capitalism are woven into almost every aspect of our lives - our work, our relationships, our sense of self, our imagination. So when systemic collapse & collective crises happen, it affects us internally. 


When this happens, we might feel disoriented, like the tools we’ve been given or built to survive aren’t adequate to the questions that we’re asking now. We might be feeling a lot of things - exhausted, afraid, full of untended grief...the list is long. And because our culture doesn't make much space for being with our feelings, our choices seem to be: feel overwhelmed or double down on what we're already doing.

What if we made space for what we're sensing?

So often in our culture, if we have space to do this work at all, we're asked to hold it individually, as a kind of coping strategy, a self care process that makes it possible for us to keep pushing, keep producing.

And when we can't do it, we're shamed or guilted for it.

But what if this kind of grieving, space-holding, and imagining is actually a totally reasonable response to collapse + crisis? What if we're meant to acknowledge the present and imagine the future, together? 

And what if we can build the skills & awareness we need to strengthen our collective connections, and respond to systemic suffering in more human ways?

How might we imagine the future together?

Sensing Collapse are 90 minute sessions to talk all things collapse - the confusion, grief, the anger, the fear, the friction, the “I can’t say what it is but this is what I’m feeling in my body.”
In this
 co-creating and co-weaving, we make space for what is, and listen for + sense into what’s asking to be imagined.

About Kali

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I'm a writer and an anticapitalist working to build a future beyond capitalism and the oppressive systems it's interwoven with. I accompany people as they grapple with questions about how we can live and work in ways that move us towards a meaningful life - for ourselves, our loved ones & communities, and the more-than-human-world. I'm white, queer & nonbinary, and come from European settlers and immigrants who work with their hands, live near water, and who chose allegiance to systems over collective care in order to find safety and security, and because of this, struggle with rootlessness. I have my grandmother's laugh, and her love of trees.

You can learn more about me & my writing on instagram & patreon, or send me an email.

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