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On Sliding Scale

Sliding scale is a practice that allows people at different income levels to access services, classes, and products at approximately the same percentage of their income, so that cashflow doesn't determine the support you receive. I see sliding scale as a collective care practice, as a way for us to acknowledge our systemically created access or lack of access to resources, and the ways we're connected to each other.


I offer my coaching at a sliding scale because other wellness practitioners' scales and barter systems have allowed me to access care & support when I needed it. The tiers for each of my offerings are an attempt to balance meeting my needs without unduly extracting from myself, and making space for people who need to access support outside of traditional one-tier pricing.

There are many factors that determine where a person can land on a sliding scale, including debt, medical expenses, access to intergenerational wealth, number of people you support with your income (including children, elders, and extended/chosen family), stories we’ve inherited about money and safety, and the legacies of settler colonialism, slavery, white supremacy, and global capitalism that shape our access to resources.


No sliding scale can capture the complexity of our needs and resources; I don't ask for proof of income from clients, so please choose the level that works for you. 

*If you make less than $25,000/year, live outside the US, or have other reasons this scale may not work for you, reach out to me & we can find an alternate exchange.

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